3D Printing Artefacts
to create authentic learning experiences
explore the potential...

We make Culture Touchable!

We are harvesting the capacity of 3D printing technologies to reproduce museum artefacts in order to create authentic learning experiences for the curious and adventurous.

Be ready to do more with your 3D cultural data, we are here to help.

3D Content Licensing

We assist museums with the technology and skills needed to make their 3D collections more accessible and their investments more sustainable. We are here to help you scale the impact of your digitilisation project and monetise on your 3D data under a content and brand licensing partnership. At NO cost, partnering organisations can build on top of our technology and share profits. No technology skills needed either!

Application Development

We integrate our 3D web viewer and 3D print-on-demand order button to transform any web & mobile application into an engaging interactive experience. Your virtual visitors will be able to interact, share, embed your collection's 3D models and to order a 3D printed replica without ever leaving your site or app. We have worked hard to ensure that our technology will work without any maintenance cost or resources overheads.

3D Printing-on-Demand

Partnering museums can benefit from our 3D printing on demand and fulfillment service without the expense and complexity of managing their own service and infrastructure. Instead, we are taking care of the artefacts' production and delivery on your behalf! In addition our innovative packaging system will transform any replica into an authentic learning experience. We are not posting products, we are delivering stories.

Do you love museums!

Would you like to build your own collection of 3D printed museum artefacts?

Then, you will be pleased to know that we are working on it.

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Our journey

  • May 2012

    A company is born

    Nikolaos Maniatis founds Museotechniki Ltd. in Athens, Greece with the ambition to eccelerate innovation in the field of cultural asset management. The startup is focusing on 3D printing few months later.

  • November 2013

    We are award winning!

    Museofabber.com is one of the winning ideas of the @Diversity European Idea Competition Awards 2013! The @Diversity Awards were launched by the European Parliament and organised by the Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture in order to recognise outstanding examples of ICT innovation to promote culture in Europe. Next morning we get featured on Wired UK!!!

  • November 2014

    We are going to Dublin!

    We get selected to participate in The Silicon Stroll Bootcamp as one of the 50 Europe's most innovative and investable startups! A day later we participate at the Web Summit Dublin as an ALPHA startup.

  • March 2015

    We are a FABulous project!

    We win the financial support of the FABulous - Future Internet Acceletation Programme for 3D-printing businesses in Europe. Having successfully passing its regular evaluations FABulous programme supports till today.

  • August 2015

    We crossed the Channel.

    Museotechniki Ltd. gets incorporated in the UK. The newly formed partnering company aims to help us take our vision global...

  • December 2015

    Digital Innovation of the Year Shortlist

    Museofabber.com is shortlisted for the Apollo Digital Innovation of the Year Awards . The Award commends organisations harnessing digital technology to advance access to, or knowledge of art.

events we'll attend

Join us! It would be great to meet you and share ideas.

Museum & Heritage Show 2016

18 - 19 May 2016, London, United Kingdom

Museum Rocket, Museum and Entrepreneurship Fair

8 June 2016, Bucharest, Romania

ICOM 24th General Conference

3-9 July 2016, Milan, Italy

Are you planning an event about 3D printing in museums or education? We would be happy to hear from you and see how we could help, share ideas and experience. Please, contact us at events@museofabber.com

Let's Get Connected

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Museotechniki Ltd., 10681, Andrea Metaxa 26, Athens - Greece